Bait & Switch (Alphas Undone, #1)Bait & Switch by Kendall Ryan
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§4.5 Stars§

I was so excited to read this story after seeing the book trailer for it. If you had not had the pleasure of viewing it, allow me to post the link for you:

Kendall Ryan knows how to deliver the heat and it starts on the very first page! Just so you know, you'll have to read this book to understand the storyline but Nolan is not a cheater. I mean c'mon! He's a Navy Seal, you know he's honorable! He found out that he needed these two women for very different reasons. Daniella and Nolan both were sort of using each other as a shield to protect themselves from acquiring a broken heart. Then he meets Lacey. He can't bring himself to treat her like all of his other side dishes. Waiting on their romance to play out was one of the best things about Bait & Switch.

I was honestly surprised to find out who Lacey was. I kind of thought the "special assignment" had something to do with her, but I never thought that was the reason why Nolan's boss was so concerned about it. It's really hard not to give away any spoilers, by the way, but I'm trying. I did find it a little odd that Nolan didn't pressure Lacey to find out more when she told him she was running from something. He is an ex-Navy Seal after all, it seems like he would want to know what he's getting into, but to be fair, he was already protective of her and maybe in too deep. Of course, everything is explained near the end and it all comes together in a good way. You do get an HEA.

Kendall Ryan shares a personal story with her readers in the author's note. It was a situation that gave her a deeper connection to this story. I think it was brave of her to include it and it's great that she trusts her readers so much that she knows she can share things like that.

Greyson's book is next and it sounds great! I can't wait to read it! This book releases on 2.9.16 and you should definitely grab a copy!

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Thanks to Kendall Ryan for providing me with this ARC.

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