Accelerate (Hotwired, #1)Accelerate by Tracy Wolff
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Oh wow! This book will get your blood pumping just liked a NOS-filled ride in a souped-up car!

Jordan attends a drag race looking for a guy named Raul. She was told he could fix the interior of the car she just bought at a police auction. Raul seems to be interested in more than just repairing her car's seats, though. His attempts are futile because someone else has already caught Jordan's eye. His name is Nic Medina. The dreadlocked bad boy noticed her as well, but thought she was Raul's girl and tried to get her off his mind. The distraction he needed came in the form of a call from his sister that informs him about a cop, who was looking for Nic, that came to their house and threatened to call CPS which would result in her son, Nic's nephew, being taken away. Nic immediately leaves the track because family is his number one priority. They won't be held responsible for anything he had done in the past, he won't allow it.

My first thought when seeing the cover was that he looks like he needs to be licked. Which is exactly what Jordan thinks a few times during the story. I instantly thought, while reading the first chapter, that it had a very Fast N' Furious vibe to it. Who doesn't like a cool car?

I think every romance lover will find something they like about Accelerate. If cars don't appeal to you, then maybe the bad boys with tattoos and piercings will grab your attention or the romance that unexpectedly happens so fast, the characters barely have time to catch their breath. With broken pasts and hopeful futures, Tracy Wolff delivers a set of characters that will have you wishing you were in their presence. I loved every millisecond of reading this book! I cannot wait to dive back into this world! And yes, there will be a sequel. There's no way she can leave us hanging like that. Hopefully it will be Peyton and Chris' turn next! Highly recommended!

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