Falling for Her EnemyFalling for Her Enemy by Victoria James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falling For Her Enemy is the second book in the Still Harbor series. I haven't read the first book, but it didn't affect this one because they were written as standalones. This book was certainly Made-for-TV Christmas movie material. It's an endearing story about a mother trying to keep her adoptive daughter, Cassy. The man who thinks he is Cassy's biological father, wants a paternity test. Neither Alex (the adoptive mother) or Hayden (the possible biological father) expected to start having feelings for the other.

This story will satisfy your sweet tooth and get you ready to be festive just in time for the holidays. Cassy is lovable and intelligent. She has that innocence that all children are born with and she also plays matchmaker without even knowing it.

I would like to know what happened with the situation involving the woman claiming to have had Hayden's child though. Nothing was said about her at the end and she was holding it over Hayden's head hoping to cash in. Hopefully they will continue on with that part of the story in the next book. I know one is coming about Cara and I want to read it, the basis of the story seems interesting. I bet it is the Jack that she knows.

This book releases on November 9th, it would be a good one to pick up for Christmas.

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