Dark Screams: Volume FiveDark Screams: Volume Five by J. Kenner
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Out of the five stories in this book, the only ones that appealed to me were the last two. I was really hoping for some good old fashioned scary stories, and I found what I was looking for the most in J. Kenner's The One and Only.

Imagine my surprise when I saw J. Kenner's name on the author list of those who contributed to this book. I have read her steamy romances before, but never anything having to do with the paranormal, and since her story was, by far, my favorite one...I'm thinking she ought to pen some more supernatural-related tales.

Kenner's story took place in one of my favorite cities for a book setting, New Orleans. There was some name dropping going on, as in Marie Laveau, the Voodoo queen. With a little bit of Bourbon Street and St. Louis cemetery, you have a wonderful short story just in time for Halloween.

I also liked Bentley Little's The Playhouse. I could just see this one being introduced by the Cryptkeeper on Tales from the Crypt. I was quite the speed reader when it came to this story because I was so fascinated by it. Until the end, that is. Oh, I was still fascinated, but he left the story on a major cliffhanger, and the bad part about it is, there is no continuation of the story so that the situation can be remedied! So thank you, Mr. Little, for trying to inspire some creativity by leaving me to use my imagination to finish the story, but I would have much rather seen it through your eyes!

Still, I would recommend this book, even if you only read the last two stories. However, just because the first three were not my cup of tea, doesn't mean they won't be yours. So, go ahead, give it a try!

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