Until Friday Night (A Field Party) - Abbi Glines

His face....It was like God had taken all the perfect features for man and put them together just for this guy.


I do love these stories about Southern boys, and no one can write them like Abbi Glines. This one is not all fun and games though. Oh, it will make you laugh, no doubt about that, but it also brings out some of those tougher emotions.


It's a story about love and loss, about having a shoulder to cry on and forming a rare friendship.


West and Maggie are both dealing with things that no one could ever be prepared for. It's even harder at such a young age. Then, add in the feeling of being all alone in the sorrow and you get a real understanding of why they were drawn to one another.


West starts out talking to Maggie because he feels like he can't tell anyone else his secret. Maggie is silent, so she won't a word to anyone, which is exactly what West needs. He becomes dependent on her. He feels a protectiveness towards her.


Maggie went to live with her aunt and uncle with no intention of speaking. Then West comes along. He needs her. She gives him a gift no one else can: comfort. When she allows him to hear her voice, he's not the only one surprised. Her voice isn't the only thing she permits him to have, she's also starting to give him her heart.


...I couldn't help but wish we were something more. That West was mine. Because whether he realized it or not, I was his.


Everyone needs to read this heart-warming tale about finding someone who changes your entire existence. Recommended!