Under My Skin - J. Kenner


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This review may contain spoilers if you have not read the first two books.


I'm sorry to say that I didn't like this book as much as the first two, but that, by no means, makes it a bad read. I just had a couple of problems with Sylvia in this one which I will explain.


I love J. Kenner's writing style. She knows how to convey the emotional situations like the pro that she is. I still found myself racing through this book and fell even more in love with Jackson's character. The scenes he shares with Ronnie, learning how to be a father, were my favorites. It's nice to see a softer side of him after all the rage he has expressed in previous books (and still does).


Now, on to Sylvia. She was way too needy when it came to Jackson. In Say My Name Jackson had started to help Sylvia with her nightmares. I could understand her worrying about losing him, but she goes too far with it. The phrase 'are we cool?' was used too many times, or maybe it was just the fact that she was getting on my nerves with her reactions. I suppose she started show signs of this in On My Knees but I was too caught up to pay attention.


There were a couple of instances in which they walk away from each other. Jackson's reason was warranted, but Sylvia's...not so much. At least not in my opinion. She convinced Jackson that she would do anything for him. She fought for him, said she wanted to be Ronnie's mom, then she just leaves because she had an experience with Ronnie she couldn't handle. Something that almost every parent has faced. Then she wanted to know if she ruined everything by walking away from him....isn't that what usually happens when you leave someone?


Anyway, the assumptions I made as to who really killed Reed and who was sabotaging the island were almost spot-on. Although I was starting to really wonder about the killer, I had a feeling who it was as soon as the second book ended. That person may not have found complete redemption, but hey, it's a start. Also, I have to mention that Ethan is a real jerk. I felt sorry for him in the other books, but not anymore, not after finding out the reason he left London. Grrrr.....


The ending was fitting, though, and exactly what was expected. Any book that can make me type this much about the characters, is worth the read. I would still recommend it, just roll you're eyes at Sylvia a few times, and you'll be OK.