The Moment of Letting Go - J.A. Redmerski

*ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


We all have something we're afraid of. Some people are brave enough to face their fears, others allow them to take control of their lives. Then, sometimes, you find someone who makes you want overcome them. Which is exactly what happens to Sienna, an event coordinator in Hawaii on business that quickly turns to pleasure when she meets Luke, who challenges everything she thought she wanted out of life.


This is the perfect book to read for that last blast of summer. The wording was so good that it made me feel as if I was right on the beach with them. I read this book while on my breaks at work, which is not unusual for me. However, returning to work late is something I never do. I just did not want to stop reading it.


The Moment of Letting Go is an incredible story of finding peace and, as the title suggests, letting go. J.A. Redmerski sends us a beautiful message about what's really important through this novel.


Sienna discovers there is more to life than being successful. Luke is walking, talking proof of that. Even though Luke doesn't realize it, Sienna helps him just as much as he helps her.


I was really hoping to read about Sienna really facing her fears and going skydiving, it would've rounded out the story better, but the epilogue was one of my favorite parts and an almost perfect ending.


I would recommend this book to any and all fans of New Adult!