A Haunting Desire (Entangled Select Historical) - Julie Mulhern

ARC provided by Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


If you have read my reviews before, then you know that New Orleans is one of my favorite settings for a book. That wins brownie points with me straight from the start. Added to the mix is: a mystery, some Voodoo, and a little romance.

A Haunting Desire is a ripper-esque tale. Except it takes place in New Orleans instead of London, and the victims are men who buy the company of women in the Red Light District. Trula is a madam who has sworn off men after her grandmother sold her to a sixty-five-year-old “protector” when she was fifteen. However, Zeke, the government official sent to solve the murders, is determined to break down the walls Trula has put around herself.

I really enjoyed the writing style, it was wonderfully descriptive. The pace was steady throughout the book. I had to put it down quite a few times because real life kept interrupting, but I didn't have any trouble getting into it again.

The story has a little dash of the paranormal with all the ghosts hovering around. Baron Samedi, Papa Legba, and Marinette also make an appearance. Even with all this going on, I still felt as if something was missing. Maybe I needed more background on the main characters, I'm not sure. However, it was still a good read and anyone who reads historical or paranormal romance will like this book.