Sinfully Mine (Lessons with the Dom) (Volume 2) - Kendall Ryan

Thank you to Kendall Ryan for providing me with this ARC

Kendall Ryan is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Sinfully Mine didn't disappoint in its deliverance of Reece's story. You don't have to read The Gentleman Mentor first, but I would advise you to do so. Just for the simple fact that I absolutely loved Hale.

I couldn't wait to start reading about Reece and Hale's little sister Macey. Unlike Brie, Macey doesn't hold back, and lets Reece know up front what she's looking for. Neither one of them expected those old feelings to surface. In fact, Reece tries his best to fight it, because Macey is the reason he turned to BDSM in the first place.

I liked that Macey really challenged Reece and all of his 'domness'. I can forgive him for his lack of affection concerning Macey after their lessons because he more than makes up for it in the end. This is the series that will bring you out of that romance-book funk, because they have a little bit of that something different.

I will be waiting patiently for Oliver's story because I know it will be worth it. Greatly Recommended!