Myth and Magic - Mae Clair

Normally, mysteries are around a three star event for me. I like them but they are not generally my favorites. There was some romance and suspense involved in this one, along with a Halloween setting, that helped boost up it's rating as far as I'm concerned.

Caithelden Lairen hasn't been back to his hometown in twelve years., ever since he left for college. Back then, he was a Breckwood. HIs father expected him to have his place in the family business, but Caith had other plans. Plans that changed when him and his best friend were kidnapped and held for ransom on Halloween when they were thirteen years old. That day still haunts him. He can't let go of the past.

Now, he's heading back to Coldcreek to hopefully solve the mystery behind the strange occurrences at Stone Willow Lodge, a property owned by Breckwood Industries. However, he didn't expect to be thrown back in the mix with his childhood friend and one-time lover Veronica. As things start to fall in place, Caith learns that sometimes you just have to face your fears and focus on the people around you.

I did enjoy this book, more than I thought would. Caith's mother sounds like a woman after my own heart with her fascination with fairytales and mythology. The corn maze and hay rides made me wish Halloween would hurry and get here. Just gives me that carefree feeling, the same way I feel when that holiday comes around.

The writing was lovely and nicely descriptive. The story jumps back and forth between the present and past but not too much, it won't be confusing. That "past" parts really add to the story and placed in the right intervals also.

This book can be read any time of the year, but it would be perfect for a little Halloween mystery! Recommended!