Hide Me (Entangled Embrace) (Silver Strand) - Lexi Scott


**ARC provided through NetGalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review**

3.5 Stars

Whit moved to California for two reasons, to make a much needed change and to live the life Wakefield, her younger brother, never got the chance to live. She wants to be a completely different Whit, which means no heavy relationships, and no opening up to anyone. But everything changes the moment Deo walks into the tattoo parlor where she works, Only Whit doesn't know it yet.

This book was previously published as Lengths, and now has added content. Just thought I'd throw that out there, even though it doesn't pertain to me because I didn't read it then. I thought this book started out alright, but as I read on, I got bored with all the push and pull between Deo and Whit. However, there were a couple of scenes, in the last part of the book, that caused me to jump the rating up a little higher. One of them was when Whit talks to Eric and the other was when Deo and Whit go to the fair, probably the best parts of the book.

Deo was sexy and confident but he was also a major slacker, who mooched off of his grandpa. Later on, we find out he may be sitting on a gold mine, but it seemed a little hard to believe that someone so irresponsible would keep that treasure for so long. Whit was more mature, even though she was younger and living in the past.

The subject matter made for a good storyline, although, Deo took liberties with their relationship (wait, I don't think they were together at the time) that he had no right taking. I think he was trying to take an 'alpha' approach, but it wasn't working for him.

If you have some time to kill, give Hide Me a chance, you never know until you read it yourself!