In Search of the Paranormal: The Hammer House Murder, Ghosts of the Clink, and Other Disturbing Investigations - Richard Estep

The first sentence in this book, drew me right in. I admit, it doesn't take much when it comes to the paranormal. I was instantly intrigued by the British ghost stories at the beginning. But that feeling started to slack off around the last few chapters. That leads me to believe that British ghost stories are more interesting. It could also have something to do with the fact that I love history, and there is plenty to find in the older places of England. Such as the Tower of London and The Clink which are both among the places mentioned.

One thing I noticed that Richard Estep does in his paranormal group, is invite people from other paranormal groups to investigate with them. Most of the books I have read about ghost hunting, only involve one group, and sometimes there are even rivals, which is just silly. So I admire the fact that he is reaching out to other people and even says that they have taught him a thing or two and introduced him to different methods.

This is a great book for paranormal buffs! Whether your a skeptic, or a believer, it's still an arresting personal account and I would recommend it!