Bridesmaid Blues (Entangled Lovestruck) (Wedding Favors) - Boone Brux

**ARC provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

This was such an easy read for me because I enjoyed it from start to finish. Bridesmaid Blues centers around a group of people who have been friends since college. Two of those people, Roxy and Kyle, are getting married. Dani, Roxy's best friend, is getting tired of all these weddings. She's been down in the dumps since she told her now ex-boyfriend, Jamie, that she loved him, and he ran off to Florida. She hasn't heard from him since.

While at, yet another, engagement party for Roxy and Kyle, Dani decides she needs a breather. She grabs a flute of champagne, a piece of cake, and heads outside. She walks toward a sleek motorcycle with a look of admiration. Then, her heel gets stuck, breaks, and she catches herself before she falls. She's alright, but the motorcycle receives the bad end of the deal. She managed to spill champagne all over the seat, and smear cake on the handlebar. She takes a look around, making sure no one is outside. Then she lifts the hem of her expensive dress, which rises above booty level, and wipes off the handlebar. Before she finishes cleaning, a voice from the past rings in her ears. It's Jamie, and he's standing behind her, looking on with interest, as Dani pulls her dress back down. She should have known it was his bike.

Yes, that's just the beginning of the story and the fun doesn't stop there! These fun-loving characters are sure to keep romance fans reading through the night. One of my favorite parts was the bachelorette party. Of course, that leads to a bump in the road for Dani and Jamie's newfound truce, leaving you to wonder if Dani will ever get her HEA.

I think maybe Kinni and Prince's story is next in line, or maybe Joya and Lincoln, doesn't matter to me, I'll be reading all of them! Highly recommended to readers of romantic comedy!