Falling Fast: A Falling Fast Novel - Tina Wainscott

The two main characters, Raleigh and Mia, have fought through situations their entire lives. Falling Fast is the story of how willing they are to fight for each other.

Mia was seventeen when she first met Raleigh. She was living a lonely existence, having cancer will do that to you. The day she walked into that garage to pick up her mother's car, was the same day she made a vow to speak to at least one person while she was out of the house. Luckily, Raleigh was the person. a conversation turned into a whirlwind summer romance that ended when an accident almost claimed Mia's life. An accident that sent Raleigh to jail.

After his release, he unexpectedly befriends Mia's grandma, Nancy. She sees something in him that makes her want him and Mia to reconcile. Nancy finds a way to do that, but no one knows about it until she passes away. Her memorial service brings Mia back to town. When Mia and Raleigh see each other, those old feelings come crashing back, but her parents are adamantly against her talking to him. However, her parents aren't the only obstacle they have to face.

There were a couple of surprises in this book, especially the incident at the end. Which I was completely wrong about, by the way. The person I thought was guilty, wasn't. So, kudos for that Ms. Wainscott. New Adult books usually have characters that are tough because they have to be. Life has made them that way, but I don't believe I have ever read a story with so many tribulations faced by the main characters. It makes you wonder how you would react to those situations.

I believe my favorite part was when Raleigh tried to push Mia away, but she refused and stayed right by his side, making him understand that he deserved to be loved. I also liked the dedication at the end. Most people have been effected by cancer one way or another, so It's a good way for the author to show support. This story is not all smiles and sunshine, but it's a good New Adult read. I believe Pax's story is next. Sounds good to me. Recommended!