How The Wolf Lost Her Heart - Sarah Brownlee

How the Wolf Lost Her Heart was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 Stars

May Contain Spoilers

A wolf and a tiger. Doesn't seem like much of a match, huh? But when Raphael (the tiger) saves Skye (the wolf) from a group of hooligans, they form a friendship based on the fact that they are both morphers. Skye starts to develop feelings for the handsome Raphael, even though she tries to resist it.

This story takes place in London, two centuries in the future. Thugs are running rampant, or so the story says, but it seems to me that it was just one certain group.

I felt that this book was for a younger audience, but the characters are old enough to drink, have jobs, and go to college. Something I didn't understand was the fact that Skye transformed and bit a thug that was beating up an innocent boy, but Raphael said no one connected her with the wolf that attacked the guy, even though she changed right in front of the crowded restaurant where she was having lunch with her friend, Daphne. Morphers that attack regular humans are condemned to death automatically.

The story got more interesting at about 50% and I wouldn't mind reading the second book. Pretty good read for YA fans.