Falling for Autumn - Heather Topham Wood

I was sucked into this book almost immediately. I can't wait to read the next installment of this New Adult series!

Autumn is attending Cook University in order to leave the nightmare of her past behind. One night, while at a party she didn't really want to go to, her friend, Casey, points out that Blake Preston is staring at her. When Autumn makes eye contact with the star football player, she finds an unwarranted look of irritation on his face. She then steps outside to get some fresh air. A moment later, Blake joins her and demands to know what she's doing there. She calls him out on his rudeness, causing him to apologize.

A couple of days later, when she enters her first class, she hears someone call her name. She looks up to see Blake, saving her the seat across from him. Reluctantly, she takes the seat, but she didn't have anything to worry about because Blake now seems to want to be her friend. They start having breakfast together, with Blake making it clear that they are just friends. Which is fine with Autumn because she's not ready to be involved with anyone...until she starts to have feelings for him.

The closer they get, the more she tells Blake about herself and the incident that marred her past. But she realizes that he's not opening up about himself. He's harboring a secret that could destroy every ounce of trust between them, but Autumn has no clue and she's given her heart to him.

This book took up my entire night. I loved it! Blake brings Autumn back from the brink just to push her over the edge by withholding the truth from her. Against all odds, they try to make their relationship work. I love these stories about the guy who tries to make the girl stay away because they are not good enough for them, then they end up being exactly what the doctor ordered.

As with most New Adult books, there are troubled pasts to overcome, tempers that flare, and jealously rearing it's ugly head. It all fits together so well in Falling for Autumn. Highly recommended read!

Falling for Autumn was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.