The Hookup Hoax (Entangled Lovestruck) - Heather Thurmeier

Classic rom-com storyline, great contemporary romance!
Sawyer Sterling, CEO of Sterling Enterprises, is in dire need of a fake girlfriend. His grandparents are going to hand over the deed to their cabin, where Sawyer grew up, to either him or his cousin, Tyler. The problem is, they want to pass the cabin town to someone who will raise a family in it. Tyler is married, with a baby on the way. Sawyer is a self-proclaimed bachelor, for life. If he could just find someone to play the part of his girlfriend, just until this grandparents make a decision, the there's a good chance he could own the one place that holds so many memories for him.

Olivia Morgan has just returned to the US after being abroad for five years. She's crashing on her older brother, Aiden's, couch for the time being. She didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a job after her five-year backpacking trip, straight out of college. She ran halfway across the globe to heal her heartbreak. He ex-fiancé, Sam, was too much of a player to make a real commitment. Therefore, she established a rule for herself: no boyfriends until she has a job and is settled, which could take a while, and even then, she wants someone who can give her forever.

So when Sawyer, Aiden's best friend, says he'll give her a temporary job and her own room in his apartment, if she will be his fake girlfriend for three months, she agrees. There shouldn't be any repercussions to being a fake girlfriend to someone who doesn't  want to commit, right? But, as they son find out, there is an attraction between them that will not be denied. As boundaries are crossed, Olivia and Sawyer have a hard time discerning what's real, and what's part of the hoax.

The Hook-up Hoax is a bit different than most I-own-my-own-company romances. Sawyer has money if his nice apartment is anything to go by, and the fact that he's CEO, but it's not flaunted at all, in this story. Don't get me wrong, I like the billionaire stories, but it was nice to see it changed up a little. You will feel frustrated with Olivia and Sawyer for not seeing what's right in front of them, but of course, that's part of what makes it a good read! Greatly recommended to fans of romance!