Hot Alphas - Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker, Kate Douglas

Erin's Kiss--Lora Leigh

Erin has been pining after Turk ever since she stepped foot inside the bar where she works. Although they both work at the bar, they also work for her stepfather in the CIN, Covert Information Network.

Night after night, Turk watches Erin with a heated gaze. He always walks her out to her car after locking up the bar, and follows behind her, on his motorcycle, to their apartment building, where he lives just across the hall. But on this particular night, he loses all control and kisses her. Turk quickly pulls away knowing he can't allow himself to get too close, because of the amount of loss he felt the last time he had someone so important to him in his life.

I am a fan of Lora Leigh's shifter series-what I've read of it anyway-but recently, I read a book by her that I didn't really care for. So I have mixed feelings when it comes to her stories. However, I really liked this one, in fact, it was my favorite in this collection. From what I can tell, this Warrior's series is made up of novella's only. So my question is...why isn't there a full-length novel? There should be, I would read it.

mistaken--Laurelin McGee

Feminist Jaylene has just went on a blind date with a male chauvinist pig. After telling her neighbor, Andy (the one who set her up), that she was going to be cat-sitting for her next month because of the horrible date she sent her on, Jay runs into her handsome new neighbor, Noah.

They hit it off after realizing they both share a love of books. The more time they spend together, they more they realize just how tired they are of being lonely. But when Noah keeps dodging Jay's questions about his line of work, she starts to draw her own conclusion...and they aren't good.

While I was reading this story, I kept thinking, 'well, this guy doesn't act like an alpha at all'. So I thought maybe Jaylene is suppose to be the alpha female. But in certain circumstances, we see a role-reversal between the two of them. The topic of his job was mysterious throughout the whole story, but I figured it out the moment Jay caught him coming out of an odd place. mistaken was cute and funny. A nice, short read .

Burn for Me--Shiloh Walker

Tate and Ali have been friends with benefits for three years. Ali's had enough. She knows that he will just keep stringing her along if she lets him. But she also knows it's a tough time for him and his family. It's been almost fifteen years to the day that his mom disappeared.

Tate knows, deep down, that he's falling in love with Ali. He tries his best not to show it. Yet, he gets agitated because she treats him like every other customer when he goes into her pizza parlor. It's his fault, though, he's the one who said to remain friends. So, when Ali tells him she wants more, he knows he as to overcome his past before he can give her what she wants.

Well, wasn't that a good way to start a story? I'm guessing there's more to this. I need to check and see if this is in a series. Because even though there's plenty enough background info, I still felt like I wasn't getting the whole story. Tate is definitely an alpha male, and it was nice to read a story with a female lead who was a mother of two boys. She knew what she wanted and she let him know it, even if it took three years. Not too shabby.

Tangled--Kate Douglas

It was suppose to have been one night, no commitments, but Nate and Cassie are having a hard time keeping a professional relationship. They both work at Tangled Vines, a vineyard that Cassie's father used to own. After some financial issues 9and her father's early stages of dementia), ha had sold the vineyard to Marc Reed, who kept Cassie on as the winemaker, because of her award-winning wines.

When Cassie comes in contact with someone snooping around the wine cave, she texts Nate. What he sees when he arrives causes him to no leave Cassie's side from that moment on, and she doesn't want him too.

This story was probably my least favorite, and it has nothing to do with the writing. I just don't like stories that have to do with vineyards, they bore me. But this one was still pretty good. Nate, like Noah, in the second story of this anthology, wasn't what I consider an alpha. But he was patient, sweet, and kind. Those are always good qualities to have.