Playing Dirty: Monkey Business Trio - C. L. Parker

***ARC provided through Netgalley for an honest review***


Shaw and Cassidy are both agents for Striker Sports Entertainment. Both have worked hard to be where they are, and now they will have to compete against each other to land a contract with Denver Rockford. Whoever gets the contract, will also make partner at Striker. Did I mention they also hate each other with a passion?


The night before Shaw and Cassidy have to share a limo to go meet Denver, Cassidy has a crazy hot dream about Shaw. Which she thinks is odd because she doesn't care for the arrogant man at all, but she can't stop thinking about that dream.


They go head-to-head when trying to secure the contract. They use tricks and whatever resources they may have to try and win. But as the competition heats up, they find themselves warming up to each other as well. Remember that passion I mentioned earlier? Well, it means something completely different now.


I enjoyed this book. I really liked the fact that Shaw and Cassidy are trying their best to fight the feelings they may or may not be having, but are failing. Even if they won't admit it. The atmosphere of the bar where Cassidy and Shaw hang out with a pretty close-knit group of friends, seems comfortable, like somewhere that you can wind down after a long day.


This book was witty. The characters are likable and so different from each other it makes you wonder how they became friends in the first place. The ending definitely makes you want to find out what's coming next. (Yes, it's a cliffhanger) And don't even get me started on the love, and there's plenty of them, too.


I would recommend this book to fans of new adult and contemporary romance.