Sugar's Twice as Sweet - Marina Adair

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Laughter, embarrassment, heartbreak,--and that's just within the first couple of paragraphs!

Josephina Harrington has been known to be impulsive. Like when she decided to move to Sugar, Georgia, after discovering her fiancé had been sleeping with another woman, to claim the boardinghouse her whimsical aunt Letty left to her after she passed away. Her first clue that this might have been a bad idea, was when her ex reported his car stolen, and it quit on her in the middle of the Brett McGraw highway. Then, none other than Brett McGraw himself pulls up and talks her into accepting a ride to the old boardinghouse. When they arrived, she couldn't believe how much time and money it was going to take to fulfill her aunt's wishes (and her own), by renovating and restoring it. But you can't stop a determined woman. Not even the 'Sunday School Mafia' could stop her, even though they give it their best shot.

I'm not sure if the author is from the South or not, but she certainly captured the essence of it in this story. Her characters are full of life. Only in the South will you find people who are able to be rude and still show respect and manners in the same sentence.

The relationship build-up between Brett and Joie was exciting. It just goes to show that sometimes, you find what you're looking for when you least expect it. I highly recommend this book if you want something funny, sweet, and a little spicy!