Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones

***ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.***

Change into your lounge pants, grab your liquid sustenance of choice, and get cozy in your favorite reading spot because you will not want to close this book once you start reading it!

Amy steps out of a bathroom stall at the museum where she works, to find a white envelope, with her name on it, taped to the mirror. It's from her handler, the man who saved her when she was 18, and now, she has to run away from the life she knows...again.

She discovers a plane ticket, bank card, and new ID in the locker the note told her to find. The ticket is for Denver, Colorado, where Amy is heading to start over, per instructions from her handler.

However, there is a problem with her plane ticket and the woman at the counter tells her she might be bumped from the flight. Panic sets in, because someone may be after her, so she demands to be on this flight. The manager says they will see what they can do.

While waiting to see if she can get on the flight, she makes eye contact with a man so hot, he should be illegal. She can't peel her eyes away because he's staring at her too. Luckily, first class is called and he gets up to board the plane.

A few minutes later, the airport employee tells her she will be on the flight, in first class,. As she's trying to put away her luggage, the man from before offers to help and she realizes she is seated next to him on the plane.

OK, that's all the information I'm going to give you because this book is something you need to experience on your own. Although, I will tell you his name is Liam Stone. He's the newest member of the book billionaire's club and already a favorite of mine.

There is a sense of danger throughout the book. The author doesn't give much at all away about Amy's past and it works perfectly. There's just the right amount of love scenes to balance out everything else. But, man, that cliffhanger ending nearly killed me! I need the second book right this instant! I need to know Amy's story. I need to know what's going on with Liam. I need to know about Meg and Luke Evernight, they are surrounded by suspicion. And also, why does Jared seem familiar to her? See, I need answers now!

I absolutely loved this book! Highly recommended to everyone, especially anyone who likes contemporary romance.