Listen to Your Mother: What she said then, what we're saying now - Ann Imig, Lea Grover, Lisa  Allen


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3.5 Stars

This is a compilation of real life essays on being a mother, having a mother, or knowing someone who is like a mother to you. Whether traditional or untraditional, Listen to Your Mother will have a story within it's pages that you can relate to your own family.

Reading this reminded me of the time I spent , as a kid at my grandma's house, reading her Reader's Digest magazines. There were inspirational and personal stories in those, just like in this book.

With a wide range of topics including same-sex parenting, fears of racism, depression, and mental illness, you will see mothers (and fathers who become both parental figures) in a new light. Each story gives you something to think about. What if I were in that situation?

Whether you're a mother, stepmother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, or godparent, experiencing this book will touch your heart. And make you laugh sometimes, too. Perfect read for Mother's Day.