Wait for Me / Trust in Me (Montgomery Brothers) - Samantha Chase


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Wait For Me

William Montgomery wants to see more of his youngest son Lucas. Ever since Lucas' pro football career was cut short because of a knee injury, he's been a recluse. Only coming down from his home in the mountains once a month for a meeting concerning the family business. When William notices the way Lucas and Emma (his assistant) look at each other when they think neither is watching, he hatches an idea to play matchmaker. And if he gains a daughter-in-law in the process, so be it.

This story had a classic setting, sort of. The stranded-in-the-snow-and-have-to-stay-the-night scenario between two people who are attracted to each other, is classic anyway. I just felt that it focused more on the 'isn't it odd for dad (William) to give you my address instead of his' aspect, than it did on the actual romance. It overshadowed what was happening between the two of them. But, hey, it all works out in the end. Still a pretty good read.

Trust In Me

William Montgomery is at it again, this time with his next to youngest son, Jason.

When Jason requests a married assistant to go on a three week business trip, (because his other assistants have tried to become the next Mrs. Montgomery after Lucas and Emma's relationship started at the office), William knows the perfect woman.

Maggie has been working in customer service at Montgomery's for three years, although she's qualified for a higher position. She's been keeping a low profile because her previous boss tried to force himself on her and Mr. Montgomery came to her rescue by giving her a job and telling everyone that she was married, per her request, so no one would try to come on to her. Jason has no idea she's not really married...

I really like the idea of William fixing up his sons. It's an endearing way to make them happy while making his close family bigger. Now, we just need Mac's story, which I'm sure the author is saving for last because he's the most stubborn.

I liked Jason and Maggie's story better, probably just because I was interested in seeing how William was going to pull this one off. Just like before, the situation was one that neither character expected to find themselves in. I do think they should have told Jason sooner about her not really being married...poor guy tortured himself, but it did make for a nice story.

These romances are short and sweet. The writing is good, as is the concept, and I would recommend them to romance fans.