Exposed - Tracy Wolff

***ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*** **May contain spoilers if you haven't read the first two books!**


Ethan Frost couldn't be more happier. He's back with Chloe and they are getting married. There's only one problem, he can't get over what his half-brother did to her seven years before. No matter how much Chloe wants him to leave it alone, he simply can not do it.


After receiving more info about Brandon from the P.I. he hired, Ethan formulates a plan to make sure his brother doesn't succeed in his political aspirations. Ethan calls on a friend of his, Sebastian, while he is in Vegas for his wedding. It seems a member of the mob, in that area, is helping to fund Brandon's campaign. Sebastian sets up a meeting with Nico, the mob boss. Chloe overhears the conversation and practically begs Ethan not to go. He tells her he has to, he needs to protect her.


Ethan and Sebastian meet with Nico. He tells Nico that he will pay off Brandon's gambling debts if he stops funding his campaign. When Ethan returns from the meeting, Chloe is nowhere to be found, Tori, Chloe's best friend who came to see their wedding, has checked out too. The only thing going through Ethan's mind is: she left me again.


I was so happy to see another Ethan Frost book! This one has a little bit more action and tense moments. You get to see Ethan at his best and at his worst. He's so protective of Chloe that sometimes he forgets she's pretty good at handling things on her own.


Tori is, by far, my favorite supporting character. She is an awesome best friend. I only wish there would have been more about her. She has a story of her own and I hope we get to read it one day! Maybe she could get with Sebastian, at least then she couldn't say he just wants her dad's money.


Ethan and Chloe's relationship has already hit a few bumps in the road. Are they strong enough to survive a few more? Do they love each other enough? Grab a copy of this book and find out! It will leave you wanting more.


Greatly recommended to everyone!