**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**


Dad's War Photos combines two of my favorite things: history and photography. It is Curtis Bertrand's story, of his time in World War II, told through pictures he took while overseas.


One of the great things about this book, is that it gives you insight into what soldiers, who were not on the frontline, were doing. There is hardly any recognition given to those who made sure supplies were distributed or airplanes were running like they needed to be. I was amazed at the things they did, including building/rebuilding bridges, roads, theaters, and hospitals.


Also, the 'military record' entries and the 'elsewhere in the war' sections were nice little touches that added more to the story. Being able to read what was officially recorded and then seeing it confirmed in the pictures, made the history buff in me jump for joy.There are some pictures that may surprise you, such as the coal-burning car. I didn't even know that existed! Just one of the reason why I love history.


So, thanks to Neal Bertrand for sharing his father's personal photos with us, which allowed a glimpse into what had to have been one of the most exciting, yet scary, times in his dad's life. There must have been quite a bit of work involved in getting all of this organized.


This book has something for everyone, whether you like history, planes, or just World War II in general. Don't miss out on this book, these pictures are a rare piece of history!