Come Winter: A Novel - Clare Gutierrez


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"It is time for us to live our story, yours and mine."

Lady Caterina Tabor was on her way to serve in England's court when she was kidnapped by Lord Dermoth and his men. Thinking Lord Rhys doesn't know who she is, she spends her time working in the kitchen. Lord Rhys is surprised by her attitude toward her duties, and she doesn't seem to be afraid either. He is mesmerized by her and soon has her moved into her own chambers.

Lady Caty believes she knows his reasons for giving her these chambers. She knows she must escape while he is away. She, easily, leaves the castle without being seen and sets out on her way to England once again. She has quite a journey along the way, saving people, making new friends, and working to make money to board a ship for England. Her plans come to a crashing halt when Lord Rhys and his men catch up with her in Edinburgh.

Once again, she finds herself at Dermoth Castle.

Caterina is a woman who stands her ground when faced with obstacles in her life. She doesn't back down even when dealing with Lords and Kings. I really liked her spirit. This story reminds us of how different things were in those days. I believe, had Caty been real at that time, she would have probably died the first time she defied someone of greater importance. However, she would have also been a respected queen who people would still remember to this day.

The only problem I had with the story was that I felt that the relationship she had with Rhys was almost the exact same relationship she had with Marcus. I didn't see any difference in their characters. After that, the story went a little slow for me.

But there were a lot of things I liked about this story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes historical fiction or someone just wanting to read about a capable woman with a modern mindset.