Blood and Treasure (A Romancing the Pirate Novel) - Jennifer Bray-Weber

**Received this ebook from author in exchange for an honest review**

He stared up at the waning sliver of cresent moon. She drifted on her last leg of her lunar journey across the sky, to hide away from the world before she fully returned to her throne among the stars.

Step aboard the Rissa, her deck is filled with salty sea dogs, who are loyal to their captain. As is the First Mate, Blade, who is Captain Zane's best friend. The bar maid Lianna, has found herself whisked away on this ship (thanks to a Frenchman who hid a medallion called The Serpent in her corset) running from the British Navy. Zane is intrigued by the fiery wench and soon finds himself falling for her. Lianna doesn't have a home to go back to, she's ready to start a new life.

I whole-heartedly enjoyed this book. I have just found the not-so-hidden treasure that is historic romance and I do believe I am hooked. Then, throw in some pirates, crystal clear waters, and beautiful beaches, and I'm definitely caught: hook, line, and sinker. There was not a dull moment to be found in this novel. Honestly, it's a grown-up fairytale that makes you experience that same magical feeling you had when hearing those stories as a child.

I don't want to give too much away, but one of my favorite parts was the pillow fight between Lianna and Sadie. It wasn't a nice little sleep-over pillow fight, either. (As you will find out later on in the story, when they come face to face on the deck after Sadie spread a rumor about Lianna.) I liked this part because it's an example of how relaxed and fun this book is.

Adventure and romance awaits! The only question is what are you waiting for? Get this book, you won't be disappointed. If you've never read historical romance (like me), but you want to give it a try, this would be a great book to start with...especially if you like pirates. I really liked Jennifer Bray-Weber's writing style and I will be reading more books by her in the near future.