Devil Inside - Brandy Isaacs
I received this book from the LOP group and author Brandy Isaacs. I was intrigued by this story the moment that I read the blurb for it, but at the same time, I was thinking it may be another story similar to Twilight. I had just read a book that reminded me a whole lot of Twilight and although I like that story, I don't want to feel like I'm reading the exact same thing with different character names. Anyway, I was completely wrong.

This book has creatures that you would consider to be vampires, they sure act like it anyway. Sleeping during the day and drinking blood being a couple of their means of survival. However, there are also some counterparts to the Nocte (the vampire-like beings). They are called the Lux. The Nocte and the Lux share a common goal, to rid the world of Ignis. See, the Nocte and Lux are the good guys, the Ignis...not so much.

At the beginning, it appears to be just your normal New Adult type of story. A girl is in a club having drinks with her best friend. They both have their eyes set on a couple of guys. One girl has enough liquid courage to talk to the guy she's been checking out. They go to his place for what she thinks is going to be for one night and she will never see him again. And then things start to spiral and BAM! Next thing you know, she's a supernatural creature who has a pretty darn important job to do that includes saving a bunch of lives.

Paranormal fans should grab this one, it's worth it!