Determined: To Love - Elizabeth Brown, Chelsea Kuhel
*I received this book through the Some Like it Hot group and author Elizabeth Brown in exchange for an honest review.*

In this sequel, Samantha Sharp and David Keith have been dating for less than two months, but they know they are already in it for the long run. Sam is still feeling like she has outgrown her job. Then one day, a nicely dressed woman, Gina, comes into the art gallery and asks Sam to come and work for her. Eventually, Sam accepts her offer and is well on her way to a new chapter in her life.

While on a trip to Hawaii, David mentions his old roommate from college. He tells Sam about how Brian has been trying to pose as David on the internet and they have had some trouble with him. For Samantha's safety, David wants her to live with him for a while.

After she unpacks her clothes, she goes to store her suitcase under the bed at David's aparment but it won't go all the way under. She pulls it back out and finds a shoe box. She discovers newspaper clippings and pictures inside. She is stunned when she reads one of the articles. Why has David not been completely honest with her?

I was having a little bit of trouble getting into this one at the beginning. There were just a couple of times where I would have to read a paragraph over once or twice. Of course, that might not have had anything to do with the book at all, could have just been me. However, once she finds that shoe box under the bed...I was in it to win it. I was not expecting that at all.

I'm starting to think that there is something up with her neighbor Greg. I have an inkling as to what it may be, but I will keep that theory to myself.

I am excited to get started on the last book in the trilogy, especially after the way this one ended!

Recommended as a follow-up to Determined.