Changing Tides - Sarah Darlington
**Received this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Ellie Turner and her sister Georgie, along with Noah and a few more friends are getting ready to board a plane to California. No one, except Rhett(who accidently overheard Ellie's conversation), knows the real reason for the trip.

When Ellie seems to be losing a battle with the flight attendant over using the first class restroom, Nate West, TV star, comes to her aid. Nathaniel (because he hates to be called Nate), is intrigued by the fiery Ellie and invites her to sit with him for a minute.

After a short talk, Ellie finds herself in the first class bathroom again, where she, almost, has an encounter of the sexual kind with the red hot celebrity. Which is odd, because Ellie always thought she was a lesbian up until that moment.

This is the second book in the Kill Devil Hills series. It can be read as a stand alone, however, I felt like I would have liked this book better if I had read Kill Devil Hills first. I like to read the books in order even though you don't really need to, that's just me. So I will go back and read the first one...because I am really wanting to read the third installment after the sneak peek at the end of this book!

I did like this book. I liked how Ellie wasn't afraid to speak her mind, but at the same, she had her insecurities, especially with her struggle to put a label on who she was, what she was feeling. I think the best advice she received was from her 9-year-old sister.

There were moments that had me so caught up, I felt like I could read about Ellie and Nathaniel all day. But, there were also moments when it didn't seem like they were connecting. Maybe it was just Ellie and her indecision. Of course, that's probably exactly the way it was intended for the reader to feel about it. There had to be ups and downs so that their love can shine through, right?

Changing Tides has done it's job, it has left me wanting more. Especially about Ben. I also want to know the deal with this Mrs. Stone and how they're connected. And then there's Rhett, but his story is next, so yay!

The characters are strong and caring, and the writing flowed along nicely. Recommended to New Adult readers and people who have read the first in the series.