Die for Me - Amy Plum
**3.5 Stars**

You know that feeling you get when you die saving someone else? Neither do I, but that is the purpose of the revenants in Amy Plum's Die For Me. They are good Samaritan zombies, taking the place of someone on the verge of death. When they sacrifice themselves, they can reanimate, and they start life all over at the age they were when they died the first time.

Kate gets mixed up in this world when she follows Vincent and Jules to the subway. She is witness to something that will change her life forever...and she may just fall in love too.

I have mixed feeling about this book. While I didn't think it was great, there was something inviting about it, something that made me want to keep reading it. Possibly, I was comparing the story to Twilight too much. Of course, I like books that are similar when it comes to genres I'm into, but I was finding a bunch of similarities.

Jules was my favorite supporting character. Actually, he was my favorite character period. The teasing and flirtatious way he has about him is how teenage boys (well, just males in general), are suppose to act, in my opinion. Makes it fun anyway.

So, 3 and 1/2 stars is my final rating. It is interesting and unique as far as what the characters are and what they do. All I can say is, try it out for yourself! :)