Grave Witch - Kalayna Price
Alex Craft is a grave witch, meaning she deals with the dead. She has turned her talent into a career and reluctantly works along side Detective Falin Andrews. When she is attacked and a dark magic spell threatens her life, she realizes she is somehow connected to the case.

I am really glad I picked this book up. There were so many interesting and exciting aspects to this story that I never got bored with it. There was a perfect balance of magic and mystery. I thought I had Falin all figured out, but I was wrong. And I wish there would have been more of him in the book. Being all dark and mysterious just made me want to read more about him. I'm just as torn as Alex between the two of them. (Death and Falin) Maybe there will be more of Death in the second book. From what I've heard, it's even better than this one. Which means I will probably be purchasing it real soon.