Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward
I have a problem with these Black Dagger Brotherhood books, once I pick them up, I don't want to put them down! Honestly though, the only issue I have is the rap music...just not into that, but it's easily overlooked. Anyway, this book had so much packed into it, I don't even know where to start. I love the ones like this, where you get so caught up in it, it takes you a while to come back to reality .
The Zsadist that appears in the beginning of this story, is completely different from the Zsadist at the end. He works hard at transforming himself once he realizes Bella is worth it. Before she came in is his life, the only person he cared about was his twin Phury and he wouldn't even admit that. I have to say that J.R. Ward, didn't hold back when Zsadist had his flashbacks. She wanted you to know how he was tortured as a slave and why he was the way he was. He felt like he didn't deserve Bella.
And Phury, wow....the love he has for Zsadist is incredible! He also feels guilty because Zsadist was the one who was taken as slave. The moment that they share close to the end of the book was touching. The bonds of family and friendship is strong between all of the characters and it makes for a great story!
Although, I guessed who "the Reverend" was, I was completely caught off guard by what happened to Wellsie and Sarelle. And where the heck did Tohr go? And I'm 99% sure I know what's going on with John, but I want to find out more. Guess I'll just have to read the next one soon!