Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine
Once again, I was not disappointed. I was completely entertained all the way through. I didn't want to put it down! And it just leaves me wanting more. There were quite a few things that I didn't see coming.... Such as Miranda running out into the street and disappearing...and then finding out she was still around later. And finding out that Naomi was in control of Hannah Moses, and that she was Captain Obvious (I really thought it was the Ramos boy). However, the storyline that made me have the ultimate jaw-dropping moment, was when Michael kissed Claire, causing a split between the Glass House gang. I did not expect that at all! He was under Naomi's control also and he hated every second of what he was doing but couldn't stop himself. It was very heart-breaking when Shane didn't believe Claire and it's probably caused somewhat of a rift between them but the ending of the book was really nice. I cannot wait for the next book, I seriously hope it's not the last one!