Barely Bewitched - Kimberly Frost
"I want eyes as pretty as yours," I mumbled. He sighed with a slight smile and let his forehead rest against mine. "You hardly need my eyes. Even as blue and cold as death you're more beautiful than midnight."

Tamara Trask is coming into her magical power, but things don't normally go as planned when she spell-casts. (And there just may be a reason for that) She unleashes fairy dust onto the town of Duvall and chaos ensues. In this second installment, we find out more about Tamara's family and her background. Mercutio has definitely earned his place as her sidekick and she needs him now more than ever. It's an imaginative story with colorful characters, mixed in with some of that Southern pride. And I still can't decide whether I like Zach or Bryn better. Guess I'll just have to keep reading to find out who Tammy Jo chooses!