Daylighters (Morganville Vampires, # 15) - Rachel Caine
"Shane, when we get out of this-and we will get out of it-I want you to know that I'm...I'm ready."
He raised his eyebrows and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Of course. "That's good, because I'm a guy, Claire. I'm pretty much always-"
She put a hand over his mouth. "You asked me to marry you. Were you serious?"
She took her hand away. He didn't say anything. His lips formed what would have been the start of a word, maybe a sentence, but he didn't actually speak.
She scared the words right out of him.

Well...I could say that the book/series didn't end right, but that wouldn't be true. That would just be me wanting more Morganville books!
One of the many reasons I love this series is Shane and Claire's relationship. It hasn't been easy but they managed. And they work so well together. All of the occupants of the Glass House had me hooked from the beginning. I mean who couldn't love all-American guitar-playing Michael Glass and goth chic with an attitude Eve Rosser? Not to mention bad boy Shane Collins and smart girl with a "never give up" attitude Claire Danvers? When you read a series (especially one with 15 books) it's as if you kind of grow right along with the characters. So thank you Rachel Caine for writing this wonderful series and now I only have one thing left to say. Bring on the web series! I can't wait!