Wait for You  - J. Lynn
"You're a good guy, Cam." "No, I'm not." He exhaled deeply and his breathe was warm against my cheek. "I'm only good with you."

Ok, let me just say that I had no idea Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn) lives in WV. No wonder some of her books are set here. And that was one of the things I liked about this book. Also, its a New Adult book and everything that I have read from the genre so far, I have liked. The stargazing and Resident Evil movie night were also a plus. Cam and Avery both have secrets. The question is how far will things have to go in order for them to open up to each other? This book is about love, loss, trust, and healing. Some things are hard to bounce back from. J. Lynn has turned that concept into a good read. I definitely want to discover more of her books!