Crimson Night - Marie Hall
"I preferred the romanticism of Victorian myself. Black corset top, black elegant rider bustle skirt with red satin threading up the sides, vintage stockings and boots, right down to the Lolita style top hat. In this get-up I'd have made Marilyn Manson a very happy man indeed."

Pandora is half human, half demon. She travels with others like her under the cover of a dark carnival, where they find victims to feed their demon side (Pandora's demon side just happens to be Lust.) But Pandora is experiencing something that demons aren't suppose to have....emotions. This weakness may prove fatal when she is sent on a mission to find out why the vampire population is growing. This story kept my interest, but there are lingering questions that I need to know the answer to. I am ready for the next book Marie Hall! Also, let me just mention that I loved the fact that she put Daryl Dixon in her acknowledgments! LOL