Seduced by Innocence - Karpov Kinrade
"Yes, Rose. I love you. You have no idea how hard it is to not say something like that, when every time we talk, every time I look at you, my heart is screaming it."

Seduced by Innocence is a somewhat re-telling of Romeo and Juliet with a dash of the paranormal. Rose is a witch with a dark power. Derek is a Druid werewolf. Neither of them have any idea that the other one is part of the family that they have been fighting with. I have to get props to the author for letting us know ahead of time that this was a cliff-hanger. Just when it started getting good, "The End" pops up out of nowhere and it left me curious, so it served its purpose. Some of the sexy parts in this book felt forced, like they had to throw them in there and it might have actually been better without them. I did like the characters though and I want to read the next one.