The Boys of Summer - C.J. Duggan
"So you're not leaving?" I whispered. Toby reached for me, took my hand, squeezing them. "How can I? Ya see, there's this girl, and I'm kind of crazy about her."

Whoa, this book has everything you could want in a mature YA novel, as it's called. Drama, angst, coming-of-age situations, cute guys,and a hard working female lead character with two best friends who should be the poster children for best friends. The story takes place in Australia, in the 90's. It started out kind of slow but when Tess, Ellie, Sean and Toby go on the boat ride, things started to pick up and my attention didn't falter for the rest of the story. So with good friends, summer fun, young love, and some classic rock cassette tapes, how could you not like this book?