Dangerous (Dangerous #1) - Suzannah Daniels
"It's dangerous," she whispered, so softly that I would almost think she was talking to herself. "I have an extra helmet, and I won't speed or pop wheelies," I promised, trying to alleviate her fears. " I wasn't talking about the motorcycle," she said softly. "I was talking about being with you."

Well, this book certainly had a couple of surprises. It's packed full of emotions and situations that make you wonder what you would do if that happened to you. I don't know what it is about these Young Adult and New Adult books that I love, but this one has everything you expect and more. (Although, I did figure out who was leaving the notes on Stone's motorcycle way before it was revealed.)But, of course, I'm a girl and know how these things work. Recommended to anyone who like YA fiction.