One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy
I don't want to become dependent on Drew, yet it's too late. I am. Slowly, but surely, I am, and if I don't stop soon, my heart will become so entwined with his, I know I will literally bleed if we're ever separated.

There is a reference in this book to the movie Pretty Woman, which is fitting considering the agreement the two main characters make. It's a lot like what happens in that movie, except you gotta add some angsty, damaged people (ya know, because it's a new adult novel). Drew and Fable fit that description perfectly. One is a poor, down-on-her-luck waitress trying to take care of her family and the other is a well-loved, rich kid quarterback. They both have had hardships in their lives that cause them to shut themselves off from other people. It's funny how you figure out what is going on within the story ahead of time but yet, you still get excited when it's finally confessed. Whether it's good or bad. Just trying to gauge the reaction of the characters is enticing. That's what happened with this story. Seeing as how the new adult genre is my favorite thing right now, it makes sense that I loved this novel. Once I started reading it, I didn't stop until the end. I read it in one sitting. This book is worth checking out.