Temptation's Edge - Eden Bradley
Temptation's Edge started out really well, and the last few chapters were good too. I had trouble trying to keep my concentration on the story, between those two parts. I know the cause of it, though, and I will explain shortly.

I had no idea that this book was part of a series when I started reading it. It wasn't until Mischa was having dinner with two other couples (and a single Irishman) that I realized this was the third book. However, you can read this story as a standalone. Otherwise, I would have stopped reading it until I read the others first. It just irks me to read a series out of order that had a cliffhanger ending or unanswered questions from previous books.

Now, on to the reason for my loss of concentration. I don't mind reading about BDSM. This books goes a little further with the BDSM play than Fifty Shades, and that's OK. But, in the first part of the book, Connor takes Mischa to a BDSM club. I really didn't know what to expect, but I was curious. Although I know this is fiction (and sometimes I overthink things), I just couldn't stop thinking about that part. There wasn't anything bad, it simply wasn't my cup of tea. So, it was hard to focus on the story afterwards. I felt like, maybe, if that scene would have been a little later on in the book (after I was invested in the characters and their story), I wouldn't have minded it as much. When I stopped reading then, and finished the book the following day, I was able to enjoy the last few chapters.

I liked that Mischa and Connor were both headstrong characters. (Of course, he's a dominant. With an Irish accent, I might add. Even though that has nothing to do with anything I just said.) Their whole 'I-can't-let-you-hurt-me-so-I-will-deny-my-feelings' thing was starting to grate on my nerves, which is weird because I, normally, like the angst. Maybe it just went on too long.

Still, it's not a bad book. The plot was good, but I did read some reviews that said it was almost exactly like the first two books. I wouldn't know anything about that seeing as how I haven't read them. I would recommend this book to Eden Bradley (Eve Berlin) fans and people who read BDSM romances.