SHIVER: 13 Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror - Belle Aurora, Liv Morris, R.S. Grey, Daisy Prescott, Jodie Beau, Z.B. Heller, Penny Reid, Ruth Clampett, N.M. Silber, Ashley Pullo, C.C. Wood, L.H. Cosway, Jennie Marts
First of all, I have to mention how amazing it is for the authors, and those who put this anthology together, to donate the proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Now, it's rare for me to give an anthology a five-star rating, but I think this may be the best anthology I have ever read. These are Halloween-based stories and some of them have paranormal themes also. There were some stories that I liked more than others, but I can honestly say that there wasn't a story, in this whole collection, that I didn't like. Every one of them are good. In my opinion, this is the perfect book to read if you love Halloween or just romance in general. Some stories are funnier than others, some spicier. No matter what you preference is, this spell-binding collection will leave you wanting more. At least it made me feel that way...there is a short story called Double Dare that is part of a new series coming out in 2015 and I am dying to read it!