Save My Soul (Book 1) - K.S. Haigwood
Everyone loves Kendra. No really, almost every male character in this story is in love with her. Well, I didn't love her. I though she had a "holier than thou" attitude. Her thoughts were demeaning toward a couple of kids that she was suppose to have been helping to look better in the senior pictures she was taking. One of those kids was a nerd who wore glasses and she made him take them off to do his pictures. Like people who wear glasses can't be handsome? And she said something along the lines of 'Raymond was a nerd pun intended'. Really? If there was a pun there, then I am definitely missing it. And that doesn't even have anything to do with the story. It just irked me. Good thing there were other things going on. Mason/Murry was my favorite character. I know that's bad because he's the evil demon, but it's true. Oddly enough though, my interest is piqued just enough to possibly want to read the next one. Hopefully Kendra won't be in it as much.