Kin - Kealan Patrick Burke
I've watched and read so many things dealing with the horror genre and I'm rarely surprised anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still love horror, and this book had a couple of things in it that I didn't expect. The Merrill clan is seriously screwed up. The ringleader (Papa-in-Gray) brainwashed his kids into thinking they were doing the right thing by killing strangers who happen to find their way to Elkwood, Alabama. It kind of put me in mind of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The story had a good star, slowed down a bit, then picked up again by the ending. It also follows one of the survivors, who later goes back to the place where she was tortured. I was hoping she would be the one to get revenge on them, but I was disappointed. I really think the character of Finch could've been left out of the story all-together. I was thinking he was going to kick some major butt. He didn't do much at all. Oh well, in the end, it was still a pretty good story.