Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines
Everyone always said that love was enough. It wasn't. Not when your soul was shattered.

Blaire has spent the last three years of her life taking care of her sick mother. After she passes away, she gets in touch with the only other family she has...her father, who left her and her mother five years before and never really looked back.

Rosemary Beach is not somewhere that Blaire fits in, but she doesn't have anywhere else to go. Rush (Blaire's crazy hot stepbrother by marriage) begrudgingly allows her to stay at the house, just until she gets a job and saves enough money to get out on her own.

After a while she's settled in pretty well and has even made a couple of friends. She soon realizes that everyone is keeping a secret from her. A secret involving Nannette, who despises Blaire. She has been warned not to fall for Rush because Nan always comes first in his life. But it may be too late, and the secret no one is telling her may destroy her.

Wow! Now THIS is the kind of Abbi Glines book I've been waiting to read! Oh, it was gut-wrenching near the end, but everything leading up to that point and even that part itself, had my heart racing, wondering what was going to happen next. It put a smile on my face to see the transformation in Blaire. Going from a girl who didn't have a life of her own because she was a caregiver (which is awe-inspiring) to having friends who care about her and just simply enjoying life.

I love all the angst and drama involved in these New Adult books, and this one was not lacking in that department. There was also a transformation in Rush, which I really enjoyed too. Thinking about that transformation, it makes me feel real bad for him at the end. I don't think what Blaire did was right, although I do understand why she did what she did. Of course, whatever state her mind was in, probably wasn't all that great.

It's really hard to talk about this book and not give anything away. So...read this book! If you love New Adult, if you love romance, if you have never read anything like this before, now is a good time to start. I loved it, it made me laugh and want to cry too but not at the same time. This was also a really good escape for me because it takes place on a beach and I am snowed in at the moment.

Oh and one other thing, Blaire tells Rush that she was ashamed to say she had Backstreet Boys posters on her wall when she was younger. That is something you should never be ashamed of! My thirteen-year-old self would have to pick her jaw up off the floor if she read that. :)