Halfway Hexed - Kimberly Frost
I won this from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway! This is the best book of the series, so far. It has drama of biblical proportions. Literally. There were frogs and locusts, day turning to night, an almost-flooded town...you get the picture. And it was so very entertaining! There's rarely a moment to catch your breath before Tamara is caught up in something else. I remember a fleeting thought when I read the first book of how someone who likes the Sookie Stackhouse books would like these, even though the main focus is witches and not vampires. Now, I'm convinced of it. I read the first three in a row and didn't get bored with any of them. I was delighted for the revealing of the curse that separates Bryn and Tamara. With Zach out of the picture for a while, their relationship grows stronger. But I am excited to see what will happen when he returns in the next book, which I need to get right now!