Mr. X - Clarissa Wild
You should heed the warning that comes with this book. I cannot bring myself to give it more than 2 stars. This is a dark romance that involves abuse. I say it's abuse because she wasn't willing to do the things he was doing to her, at least not at first. And just because he knew her (she didn't remember him at first), doesn't give him an excuse to do things those things to her. Mr. X loves/hates Jay and his reason for hating her is stupid. There was even a scene that had me on the verge of gagging. I'm thinking this was just too much for me, but there was something that kept me reading at a consistent pace. Maybe it was just to fulfill my curiosity? I have noticed that most people either love it or hate it. So if your interested, I guess you just have to read it to figure out which group you belong in.