Never Too Far - Abbi Glines
", Blaire Wynn, make my life complete.

Blaire is back in Alabama and she now has a secret of her own.

She goes to the graveyard to visit the graves of her mom and sister. She asks her mother for advice, even though she knows she won't get an answer. It simply makes her feel better. Then a car too fancy for her small hometown pulls up. It's Bethy. As Blaire and Bethy start to walk toward the car to go grab a bite to eat, Blaire hears a barely audible whisper saying, "There's your answer."

Bethy wants her to come back to Rosemary Beach, but Blaire knows she won't be able to face Rush. After Cain takes a trip down to Rosemary and gets himself punched in the face after questioning Rush, Blaire calls him to see where he is. She then asks Bethy to take her to Cain (who says he's in a hotel outside of Rosemary) so she can drive his truck back home.

She never planned on going to Rosemary Beach, but when she calls Cain again, she finds out he's actually in Sumit with Callie. Realizing it's wrong of Cain to string Callie along, Blaire asks Bethy if she can stay with her for the night.

Let me tell you how good this book is. I was reading it at work, at the end of my shift. When it was time to go, I did NOT want to put the book down. I have never not wanted to leave work and go home. Never Too Far has been a perpetual thought in my mind since the first sentence.

I was beginning to get annoyed with Blaire. I know why she wanted to stay away from Rush, I completely understand. But I was team Rush all the way and wanted Blaire to give in to him. Then Rush screws up a couple of times and I'm practically yelling at him to get it together. Any book that can make me feel that much frustration, is a keeper.

Near the ending, Grant seems to be the voice of reason and I was cheering him on, but then Abe (Blaire's dad) steps in and drops an unexpected truth bomb. I was glad he was finally being a man and telling Rush what he didn't know. The real story behind it all.

The last paragraph was a favorite of mine. I was overjoyed. Will Rush and Blaire get their HEA? We'll see....

Recommended to everyone!